President's Greeting

Dear members,  

The Korean Society of Media & Arts was established in 1998. In the rapid development of media technology, the purpose of our society is to understand the contemporary arts and to predict the future of diverse visual media arts, which have become more complex in the academic, artistic, cultural and industrial sectors. KOSMA has been cultivating these new trends through the efforts of the members.

For last 20 years, we have worked on the basis of the achievements of the past, with all members of the association. In addition, we plan to enter next stage to expand our activities. To play a leading role in Korea’s visual media culture, we strive to ensure our ability to direct and organize media art exhibitions with professionalism and creativity to meet your expectations.

We ask for our members’ continuing interest and support. 

Thank you. 

Young Jae Oh
The 10th President of
The Korean Society of Media & Arts

  • Founded in 1998
  • Based in the Metropolitan Seoul with 5 regional subcommittees
  • Incorporated association registered to the Ministry of Colture, Sports and Tourism of Korea.
  • Two annual conferences and exgibitions, showcasing members’ academic research and creative art presentations.
  • Journal of Research Korean Society of Media and Arts (4 volumes per year)
    -Registered in the accredited journals list of the National Research Foundation of Korea

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